Electoral College Of The United States Essay

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The United States Electoral Process is ran in a form of a democracy. In which the citizens of the United States can vote as long as they are eighteen .These individuals no matter what can vote, no matter the gender, race, or social class. The citizens are able to vote for men and women that will serve as government officials for a period of time. Although citizens are allowed to vote, ultimately the ones who decide will be the next president and vice president is the Electoral College. The Electoral College consists of 538 electors. Two hundred seventy votes are needed in order for a president to be elected. Therefore the election process in the United States is not fair. The popular vote should determine who becomes president and not the Electoral College. This so called Electoral College was established in the Constitution of the United States by our founding fathers. Electors are what determine the choosing of the next president. The electors are nominated by their political parties. States get varied numbers of electoral votes. These votes are based off of the population in each state. States like California, Texas, Florida and New York have a larger amount of votes. Respectively California has 55 votes, Texas has 38 meanwhile New York and Florida each have 24. With these states having a larger amount of votes, it is key for each candidate to go and attempt to gain voters. Although these states can vary and be of a different political party, preferences that are still…

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