Elective Report On Health Care Essay

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Elective report

Due to a long standing interest in acute medicine, I conducted a 5 week elective in Intensive Care at Nambour General Hospital in Australia. I had previously done some research in acute care medicine, which initially sparked my interest in the specialty. It was through this research that I was referred to Dr Chris Anstey, the director of the ICU at Nambour Hospital.

Nambour Hospital and the Australian Health Care System

Nambour is a town with a population of approximately 200000 residents located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Nambour Hospital is a major tertiary hospital, that has a large emergency department and intensive care capabilities. The Intensive Care Unit is currently a 12 bed unit and deals with both trauma and post surgical cases.

Whilst the Australian health care system shares many similarities with the British system, such as having both private and public sectors, there are some subtle differences. In Australia, most people have private healthcare insurance. Thus, the private healthcare system is more developed and deals with a higher proportion of patients. Additionally, many private hospitals also have the ability to cope with acute medical cases and some trauma.

However, due it’s location Nambour Hospital is the main hospital for all aspects of medical care including trauma and elective surgeries. Thus, there is a wide variety of cases admitted to the ICU.

My Placement at Nambour General Hospital

Due to the nature of…

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