A New Democracy Dbq Analysis

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A New Democracy
They are stumped, is there any way to become united? So, on May of 1787, in Philadelphia there was a Constitutional Convention held. James Madison was one of the 55 white males that attended. Their plan was to make a strong central government that prevented tyranny and pulled everyone together to form an united nation. They had created the Constitution, but the had one question. How did the constitution guard against tyranny? Tyranny by definition is a person or group from having or getting too much power. They made the constitution prevents this tyranny by having four major ideas. Those ideas are federalism, Separation of powers, checks and balances, and finally equal representation in congress.

The first concept that was
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Separation of powers defend against tyranny by separating the three branches, legislative, executive, judicial. They should be extremely separate, Madison said in a federalist paper that, “Liberty requires that the three great departments of power should be separate and distinct” (Doc B). Some examples that they are separate is that they all have different jobs, Congress makes laws, the president and his cabinet enforce them, and the justices of the supreme court interpret them. They are only supposed to do their job, not the other branches. You cannot have the president fire judges because they disagree, it would lead to politics influencing the cases. That would lead to tyranny through the president, because he would get his way in every decision he would have to make. Separation of powers prevents one or many to get too much …show more content…
It was about how the representation would be determined and how many in each. Would it be equal or different numbers. The small states sided towards equal representation, but the larger states wanted it based on population. They had decided that there is going to be a bicameral system with each having different forms of representation. “House of Representatives shall be apportioned according to population … Senate is composed of two senators from each state” (Doc D) This helped both big and little states. In the House of Representatives, Rhode Island would have 1 and Virginia would have 10. This gave more say to the larger state, but they had equal say in the senate, where they each had two. This didn’t cause tyranny because every state had a say in the government instead of one person or group of people.

These four things helped the constitution guard against tyranny. They are federalism, separation of powers, checks and balances, and the representation in congress. These helped us define tyranny and what in the constitution that protected against it. It has come to one question. How did the constitution prevent a group gaining too much power and simply take over our

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