Elective Cosmetic Surgeries ( 301 ) Essay

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there was a 69% increase in the number of elective cosmetic surgeries (301). In 2009 alone, there was a reported 12.5 million cosmetic surgeries, of which the majority were young women. In 2011, 76,755 of the patients who received elective cosmetic surgery were aged 19 or younger, according to Dian de Vries, author of “The Effect of Social Network Site Use on Appearance Investment and Desire for Cosmetic Surgery Among Adolescent Boys and Girls” (283). But the most astonishing part of this increase is that the majority of the surgeries in the statistics above were not necessary to the health of the human receiving surgery. In the 21st century, elective cosmetic surgeries are more frequent than necessary plastic surgeries (Swami-2 82). As well as this, the mixture of cosmetic surgeries and the age of the most common patients create chances for high financial costs and health risks. Yet, more and more people get cosmetic surgeries every day. Whether to enhance the size and feel of one’s breast, bring one’s tummy in a little tighter, or raise one’s facial skin to not show wrinkles, cosmetic surgery has now become a common, but yet societally dangerous part of everyday life.
There are several reasons why there has been an increase in cosmetic surgery in the past 50 years. And the same reasons for the increase of cosmetic surgery become the effects. Various sources have proven that an increase in photoshop, improved safety of cosmetic surgical procedures, increased celebrity…

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