Essay on Eleanor Roosevelt : An Influential Woman

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Eleanor Roosevelt was an influential women during her lifetime. Married to Franklin D. Roosevelt, she was first lady for the longest term in United States history. Even though Eleanor was a private person, she spoke up for what she believed in and used her title as first lady to her advantage. Her ultimate goal was equal rights for women, and she encouraged women all across the United States to be confident in their abilities. Eleanor Roosevelt instituted a change in society during the New Deal Era, and her influence helped her achieve greatness for women all across the United States. When Franklin Roosevelt became president of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt was happy for her husband. However, she was a private person that valued her individuality. As a child, Eleanor was very shy and reserved. Before her husband became president, Eleanor Roosevelt was a teacher. She enjoyed making her own money, as well as educating the youth. At the time, that was her way of making a difference in the world. In addition to being a teacher, Eleanor Roosevelt volunteered at a settlement house. She taught underprivileged children there. Her goal was to give these children an opportunity to succeed. Roosevelt was also a red cross worker. All of her volunteer work showed how devoted she was to other people. Later in life, she was on the National Advisory Committee of Peace Corps. Her humanitarian work did not go unrecognized. Even before she was married, she dedicated her life to helping…

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