Essay on Elder Abuse From Many Ugly Forms

1421 Words Oct 15th, 2015 null Page
Elder abuse come in many ugly forms. Abuse forms are compared to one another and labeled with descriptive words that causes different punishments, because society sets the standards of the abuse to how society see it. Should society not see emotional abuse or finical abuse just as wrong as sexual abuse and punish the criminals the same? Just because one action is deemed more severe in society does not mean the abused elder feels the same way. Elder, generally those over 65 that has one kind of impairment that is in need of a caregiver, mistreatment comes in forms such as psychological, finical, physical, sexual abuse and neglect (Anetzberger, 2005). These types of abuse also comes from different types of caregivers. They can be family members, friends, neighbors and caregivers that is assigned to them in nursing homes, hospitals, assisted livings or even in outpatient settings. Caregiver is universally defined as someone who looks after the care of an individual who needs help with at least one of their activities of daily living, because they are unable to. Many factors contribute to the different types of abuse inflicted by the caregivers (as a whole) such as the caregivers having mental health conditions, personal financial stresses, and conflicts of family life (von Heydrich, Schiamberg, Chee, 2012). Even though these are recognized as factors that possible cause someone to abuse another, it is not ok. If the abuse is seen and reported to the authorities, and the…

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