Dependency Essay: The Effects Of Elder Abuse And Neglect

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the scariest thought a person could have is the thought of where will they end up when they get old. there are many of the older people right now in our society, that are still debating on whether to have their family moved them to an assisting living facility, where they have a stranger taking care of them or staying home with their loved ones and have better care, better treatment, and the attention that they deserve. I love my mother with every being of my fiber, putting her in a nursing where people are pretending to care for her but instead, neglect her, is just not going to happen. she works hard and put herself last to give me an education so I can get a good paying job that will pay me well enough so, I can take care of her in …show more content…
As a matter of fact, abuse and neglect do happen to the elderly as well. however, there are some elderly who are strong enough to protect themselves and there are some who are just more vulnerable. The end of the result is that they are just like children and their needs dependency on someone else. As well as children, their dependency lead to them being abuse and/or neglect. elder abuse and/or neglect are currently two of the biggest issue we are facing today and it seems like it’s becoming a nationwide issue. according to statistics, the elderly abuse and/or neglect occur on a daily basis and it sad to see not have done to stop it. the elderly abused either by relatives (family members or spouses), friends, or in an assisting living facility by their caretakers, nursing homes, and other facilities. the abuse can happen in any form such as physical abuse, emotional abuse and/or psychological abuse, sexual abuse or financial abuse, it sad that no one knows exactly the cause for elderly abused and/or neglect. In my opinion, anyone who choose to abused and/or neglect an older person is pure evil and criminal and should put behind bars. No one should be abused and /or neglect anyone because we were once a child and will once be an

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