El Movimiento And The Importance On Education Essay

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Itza Girgis
Professor De la O
History 112
11 December 2015

El Movimiento and the Importance on Education
The Chicano Movement, also known as El Movimiento, was a significant movement in the United States that occurred between the 1950s and the 1980s. The movement’s goal was to provide Mexican-Americans equality, identity and freedom they so much deserved. Jose Angel Gutierrez, in “The Chicano Movement” and Nancy MacLean, in “The Civil Rights and the Transformation of Mexican American Identity and Politics,” argue that the Chicano movement during the 1960s and 1970s immensely affected the methods of politics, civil rights, and especially education for Chicanos all over the United States.
The Chicano Movement not only fought for the people of Mexican descent but for the people of the Southwest. These were the ancestors that had been in the United States and were already citizens before the United States occupied the land in 1848 causing the Mexican people to become displaced. The Mexicans became unwanted, powerless minority, suffering from discrimination, acts of violence and harassment against them. Starting from the 1960s until the present time many Mexican-Americans have had to fight to have the right to be treated as an equal, not more than or less than any other human being. This is when the Chicano Movement bloomed, and one of the important aspects of the Chicano Movement was to produce a blend of educational goals, improve on the drop-out rates, refining educational…

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