Comparing Philosophies Of Dolores Huerta And Martin Luther King Jr.

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The main goals of the Hispanic American community were to unite for equality. By use of unions and boycotts, the Hispanic American community fought for equal rights. Most of the field workers were Hispanic Americans, the workers faced poor conditions at their job. This job did not require much education to get, but that also meant that there was smaller pay. The Hispanic Americans needed someone who would organize them and would find a solution.

César Chávez and Dolores Huerta were the answer to the Hispanic American's need. Together, they worked to organize nonviolent ways to protest the conditions at a field workers job. César Chávez can be compared to Martin Luther King Jr. In many ways, the two of them were alike. Both used nonviolent ways to make their point. Martin Luther King Jr. organized a bus boycott to protest equal rights for African Americans on buses. César Chávez organized a nationwide grape boycott that protested for better working conditions for field workers. In both cases the boycott succeeded. Martin Luther King Jr's boycott was the pathway to equal rights for African Americans. César Chávez's boycott got workers a favorable contract. So, Martin Luther King Jr and César Chávez were very similar.
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Additionally, César Chávez and Dolores Huerta aided the Hispanic Americans in their fight for justice. Both of them organized unions and boycotts which were very influential. In the end, Hispanic Americans earned many new rights and benefits in their

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