Violent Video Games Effect

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Violent Video Games Effect on Kids
Video games are part of the modern and technological advances that are taking place all over the world. The violent video games are affecting constant gamers because of the content that games are made off. Researchers and experts are involved in how the effect of the usage on people and more on kids. The Extensive use of violent video games is negatively affecting young gamers in a behavioral, educational, and parenting style.
Violent video games can be addicted after a period of constant playing. It is known that can affect in a behavioral way. Aggressiveness and changes in personality are one of the main effects of video games in young kids. It is much easier to get this behavioral condition if the player
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This is making kids that play constantly misbehave and randomly changes on the personality of the player to aggressiveness.
Secondly, violent video games are affecting the kids in the education and learning the process. Because is so easy to play video games in different locations and many ways, the learning process is being difficult on kids. Video games are making difficult for players to concentrate in the school and pay attention in the classroom. Teachers do agree that the use of this is complicating their work of teaching. For example, kids can play in class their games with their electronic devices, instead of paying attention to class.
Moreover, this kind of video games is stopping the contact and interaction between kids and outdoor activities at school. Many gamers prefer to not communicate and socialize with other classmates and the fun activities that kids like to do outside the classrooms. Such as, break times and play sports with other kids are being replaced because of video games that are taking all the attention and energy of the kids at school and at
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