Essay On Campus Sexual Assault

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“You tell me ‘it gets better, it gets better, in time’. You say I 'll pull myself together, pull it together, ‘You’ll be fine”. (Gaga) Recently Lady Gaga has released a song called Till It Happens to You. Gaga creates a whole scenery of an on campus sexual assault on the music video. To prove that there is an epidemic of on campus sexual assault. Sexual assault is the sexual contact or behavior that happens without another’s consent. Sexual assault is usually not the first outcome a parent would think of when dropping their children off at college. But it is definitely one factor parents should not ignore. According to “23% of women report sexual assault in college”. It is not only women that report these assaults, men do to. Whether female to male, male to female, or same sex to same sex, sexual assault is sexual assault. (Wallace) Now many have tried to get some help out there. When a survey was taken the results showed, “More than 50% of the women who reported some of the most serious incidents, including forced penetration, didn 't report it because they didn 't think it was ‘serious enough’.” But the usual case is the victim is too scared to even say anything towards what happened. It can take a victim possibly a whole month …show more content…
This negligence needs to come to an end. It is time we the people finally stopped this. According to Kimberly Wallace from CNN “one in five have been I sexually assaulted”. That number needs to go from five to at least twenty, if we follow the plan. Which is informing undergraduates of the dangers of a college campus. We need to provide them with the proper land lines for matters of these cases. And our educational staff need to provide open arms to students that have just experienced these things. For we cannot face this world alone, but if we do it together we can actually make it that much

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