Effects Of Under Population And Overpopulation

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Under population and Overpopulation
When the number of people in a region or country is more than the available resources, the country or region is said to be overpopulated. In other words, overpopulation refers to the situation in which the country’s population is more than what its physical resources can support to maintain adequate living standards. Singapore, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Korea Republic, Jordan, Iraq, Belgium and UK are among the overpopulated countries of the world. It has been projected that India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, United States, Uganda, Ethiopia, and China will account for half of the world’s population increase by 2050.
A region or country is said to
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The classroom resources would be underutilised. For example, most of the desks will be empty. The class sessions might also become boring as there will be less interaction due to the lesser number of students.
Just like the increase or decrease in the number of students have an impact on the classroom activities, over and under population have an impact on the society at large.
Impact of Overpopulation
Overpopulation is one of the main global concerns that is rapidly affecting most countries of the world today. The rise in population puts a strain on the natural resources of the country. More population also means more mouths to feed, increasing the possibility of famines and diseases. Let us look at the effects of overpopulation in detail.
Depletion of natural resources: Rise in population increases the pressure on physical resources like food and water, which can lead to malnutrition. Declining resources also mean more imports from other countries, which can increase the foreign debts of the country.
Environment hazards: Population growth increases the demand for land, which would eventually result in deforestation. It would also lead to other environmental problems like pollution and global
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Without jobs, people will be subjected to poverty which will affect the living standards of the people.
Impact on health and sanitation: As the population of a country increases, it puts more strain on the available infrastructure like health and sanitation facilities, which can have negative effects on demographic conditions like mortality rate.

Impact of Under Population
Under population can have its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the major advantages of under population are low pollution and less environmental problems, decreased strain on social amenities and physical resources.
However, under population can lead to underutilisation of resources and low level of production due to shortage of labour. The demand for goods and services is usually low in such places. All these factors can reduce the price of goods or services, which in turn can have an adverse effect on the economy.

Activity: Form five groups in the class. Each group will discuss and write five points about the impact of population growth on the economic development of the country. After the discussion is over, each group will present their views to the

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