Death Penalty Changed Essay

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The United States death penalty needs to be changed. The death penalty works kind of but it is not consistent. The inconsistency of the Death Penalty has made the people blind to the positive effects. The death penalty had been a huge controversy for many years. Many people in America believe the death penalty should be abolished, because humans should not have the right to take another 's life. According to openbible website, there are multiple verses in which talk about someone killing or hurting one of god 's children then god hurts or kills that person (open). Many people probably have a different understanding of these verses; however, these verses talk about revenge in any way you look at them. The death penalty is not perfect, there …show more content…
The state courts do not give the death penalty to convicted murderers often. Instead of giving a murder the death penalty they are given life in jail (NYDailynews). NYdailynews reported a man who knifed and raped a twelve-year-old girl and killed her brother while trying to stop him was given a life sentence, a crime that brutal should be given the death penalty (NYDailynews). The difference between a life sentence and the death penalty is, according to sentencingcouncil a person gets a life sentence by causing bodily harm with intent and is a threat to civilization (SC). The death penalty crimes are committing murder, also sabotage of planes, trains, and treason (DPIC). With the evidence provided it is assumed that the only thing stopping someone from receiving the death penalty is if the victim dies and the cops can prove the victim was suppose to die. If someone were going to die in prison because of a life sentence, would it be inhumane? There are twenty states without the death penalty and since they do not execute they must have murderers go to life in prison (DPIC). One reason people want the death penalty abolished is because it is inhumane, well serving life in prison sounds much worse than being executed …show more content…
Knowing that there are people that want and can convince, threaten, and take advantage of children without feeling bad is scary. There are pedophiles everywhere, teachers, priest, and law enforcement even. In Australia at a private school a headmaster and music teacher both confessed to child abuse (Australian). In Chicago a Catholic priest was convicted of being a pedophile and is being deported (CBSChicago). In 2012, a Denver cop was arrested for being a sexual predator and said his department knew about it (examiner). The problem with these three cases is they are all people children are suppose to trust and just proves pedophiles and sexual predators can be

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