Cyntoia Brown Case Study

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In the case of Cyntoia Brown, she was charged for being placed into sex trafficking and getting abused by a male. I believe this is not right any women shouldn’t get punished for something they didn’t want to happen and she should have been freed from her sentence.
Cyntoia Brown is being charged for killing a man and for stealing from him. However she killed the man because she was a scared 16 year old girl who was scared the the man who had her in sex trafficking was going to kill her with a gun. The man who was holding her against her will was going to kill her and that the reason the girl is going to be in jail.
Cyntoia Brown was trying to protect herself.
Too many women are scared of telling someone when they were abused because they
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Children shouldn’t be exposed to these things in the world. And we need to find a way to stop it.
I believe the reason for women being abused in the worst way which is sexually is because of male actions.
These thing would never happen if males respected women and weren’t so horny. It’s always surprising to see when a case of sexual harassment comes out into the public because we would think by now males would know not to do it and it’s illegal. It’s also easy to understand when someone doesn’t want to do something.
Males need to start to understand that sexually touching women without their consent is not right and that when someone says no that mean no and that they need to stop doing whatever they were doing. Which for some reason males have a hard time understanding what no is.
We need to teach our kids about this in a young age as well as to not make boys so aggressive and make girls feel like they are fragile. That has a big play on why these thing happen in our world. The sooner they know not to do things to females the
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If someone is a adult and they are having a relationship with someone who is a minor that is illegal to do because the minor doesn’t know what is wrong in their age. No matter how close the relationship was or if they agreed on thing together it’s still illegal to do.
Sex abuse will not be over if we don’t change it because I believe society needs to change not the laws because there are many laws out their to protect women.
However it continues to happen and that’s because males don’t learn how wrong it is that they don’t control themselves. And they will change once they stop with using horrible excuse that the female was provoking them by they way they were acting for dressing. Because that doesn’t mean rape me! If guys had common sense.
We shouldn’t be telling girls what to do so nothing happens to them like how to dress and act! Females can do what they want without being worried about males!
Sex abuse shouldn’t happen and there are many ways to solve this problem. In the case of Cyntoia Brown she shouldn’t have been charge of anything and she should be released as soon as possible. She didn’t do anything wrong during the time which seemed like life or

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