Effects Of Teen Stress Essay

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Faced against the alarm clock, people generally have two choices: to get up or to hit the snooze and go back to sleep. Adolescents often fall into the trap of just smacking the snooze button and catching a few more Z’s. Many other difficult decisions are present in teens’ days; descisions of whether to do their homework or not and whether to go to class or not are just a few teens may face. All these factors can accumulate on an adolescent and add stress to their lives. Teen stress is caused by many effects which can include academics and extracurricular activities.
To start, school adds to the amount of stress in a teens life. An average day for a high schooler consists of seven 50-minute periods, starting at around 8:00 a.m. every weekday. Although each class’ requirements are different, most curriculums cover a lesson with homework each day and tests or quizzes at scheduled times. College level classes suggest two hours of studying for every hour of class time, which, as one could see, is a challenge for students taking multiple college level
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Sleep is the most likely to be cut short in the scenario stated earlier with the busy teen. A lack of sleep is shown to lead to many effects. Dr. Jodi Mindell, teen sleep expert and professor of psychology at Saint Joseph 's University, claims, "Losing sleep affects how well you concentrate, how well you remember things, how well you do on those complicated math problems” (qtd in Forr n.pag.). Inability to concentrate well on a daily basis makes it more difficult to be efficient while studying. With the amount of homework some teens are expected to complete on a nightly basis, it is crucial to be organized with time-management. The chronic late nights of studying are a product of themselves because the teens are unable to concentrate taking more time to do homework; the expended time studying cuts into their time for

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