Effects Of Social Media Bringing People Together

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Is Social Media Bringing People Together or Pulling Them Apart?
Social media started in 1997, but the use of social networking skyrocketed in 2004 with the arrival of Facebook. The initial plan was to connect people fast and easily. Over time, social media has turned into a vast network including news, shopping, and advertising. Social media was designed to bring people together in harmony, but in essence it has taken the opposite effect too. Procedures in social media brings people together include the rise in confidence among teens, causing them to make new friends and old highschool friends being brought together due to the easy ways to connect through facebook. Teens can stay in touch through sharing a username from a social media site.
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Mother Iman Wyse starved her daughter to death due to “spending a ‘disturbing’ amount of time on facebook” (Daily Mail). Because social networking creates a distraction from the world, people are less likely to carry out activities with real people in the real world. People like Wyse spend their time failing to be productive or contribute to the community. In some cases, social media addiction can even cause death. When looking at a screen rather than physically at a person, it is easier to make rude comments and start fights on social media rather than in person. According to bullying statistics “Half of teens have been been a victim of cyberbullying.” Cyber bullying causes suicide and depression. And suicide definitely brings people apart since that person died and will not be able to spend a life with others. In agreement with social media pulling people apart, watching others post about vacations and the ownership of expensive objects can cause jealousy and sadness called “Facebook depression.” Facebook depression causes people to be pulled apart because grudges are held for reasons that otherwise would have not been created if social media had exposed individuals to know they had not been invited, or they did not have enough

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