Essay on Effects Of Smoking On The United States

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In the United States one of five deaths are caused by cigarette smoking each year. Smoking brings many health issues to your body because it is causing you to damage the airways you use to breathe. In just one cigarette, there is many chemicals in it that affect you. For example, nicotine is a chemical found in the cigarette. What Nicotine does to you is it causes you to be addicted to cigarettes. You will always have a constant desire to smoke a Cigarette because the nicotine is in your system. The image portrays a Cigarette that is being burned when in use. To the left there is a number scale that is going from zero to sixty. When you are smoking a cigarette it slowly shortens in size. In the image the cigarette is lined up side by side with the number scale. The top of the cigarette is where you first light it and you still have the long piece. At this point the cigarette next to the number scale is showing sixty, which means that when you first smoke your life expectancy becomes around the age of sixty. When you get to the bottom of the cigarette that means that you have finished smoking the whole piece. At this point it means you are a consistent smoker. When you reach the bottom the number scale shows zero. This meaning death because smoking a lot causes people to lose their lives. The image is asking a question, “how long can you live?” This image is a form of advertisement for people to quit smoking. The target audience for this advertisement is people that are…

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