Effects Of Racism In Mass Media

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The fueling of racism through Mass Media. “Mass media has played and will continue to play a crucial role in the way White Americans perceive African Americans” and other races (Balkaran). Post’s on the internet may not have been racially motivated or have racist intentions, but misinterpretations can lead others to think they were. For instance, if a cop was arresting someone and there was a struggle between them and it was caught on camera, people might say it was racial profiling. So now there is a video of a cop doing his job and people are mad about it, which causes protests and racial division in cities. All of this just because the media only shows one side. Ultimately, media is fueling racism in America. Media plays a crucial role in the way people live our lives. It alerts us on what happened yesterday or even three minutes ago. Media lets us know whose birthday it is, if a house goes up for sale, when a movie comes out, or even if someone dies. Ultimately, media can change the way we think and live. People may never realize it either, if it weren’t for the people who actually stand up and alert those of us who are led so blindly by the media. “As a result, white America has suffered from a deep …show more content…
But yet there 's some people out there that say that people are actually born racist. Why people say this no one knows, but how is this possible. Experts say that when people are born they have the ability to tell the difference between “us” and “them”. So what they are saying is if both the parents of a child are white and the baby is brought up in a white home until about 2 months, later when they see a person of the other race who is a different color they can tell that person is different. “Humans have a natural tendency to divide between ‘us’ and ‘them’ – which can lead to racism and other prejudices such as homophobia” (Waugh). “Race has become an institutional part of American Society”

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