Effects Of Poverty On The Philippines Essay

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While the financial improvements that come with jobs in the Payatas are benefiting the citizens temporarily, it comes at the cost of their health, as the poor working conditions are impacting the health of workers. With large population growth, and very low economic growth for the past 40 years, the market for quality jobs in the Philippines has been very narrow, leading to a very large number of unemployed citizens, eventually leading them to poverty. In addition to population growth, recurring economic hardships and high rates of inflation added to the severity of the problem(ADB). According to Matthew Power, a very well accomplished journalist, the living conditions in the Philippines are extremely poor, and with “[n]early half of all Filipinos liv[ing] on less than two dollars a day,” low income citizens are doing whatever they can in order to support themselves and their families(Power). When the ADB,Asian Development Bank, researched the causes of poverty in the Philippines, they found out that many of these families in poverty consisted of 6 or more members(ADB). This key finding implies that people in poverty are unable to support their families, which could be a motive for scavenging in the Payatas. Although the areas near the dump are very atrocious, with many diseases existing in the air and water. A study on the water quality in the Payatas by Glenn Sia Siu, a PhD student, concluded that the water near the dump contained substantially more water borne diseases…

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