Essay on Effects Of Parental Incarceration On Children

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Studies on parental incarceration have revealed three key themes: the increased likelihood of poorer education, lack financial stability, and maladaptive behavior. In the following section, I will elaborate on the empirical finding of poorer education. Wright and Seymour (2015) explained poverty is often the core issue for a range of difficulties that have harsh penalties for children, including limited parental educational achievement. A parent’s education achievement often affects children education outcome as goes the saying, ‘the apple does not fall to far from the tree’. Additionally, Eddy & Poehlmann affirmed the loss of financial support could in turn affect the child’s school strength (as cited in Shlafer, Gerrity, Ruhland & Wheeler, 2013). More particularly, Turney and Haskins affirms children whose paternal figures are behind bars, evidently are more likely to be held back a grade in elementary school than their peers are. Results indicate that teachers assessments of the child’s abilities rather than test scores or behavioral problems is the significant factor in the decision to have a child repeat a grade. Teachers may be able to identify weaknesses in these children that test scores cannot measure or they may be biased in some way (as cited in Scommegna, 2014). Children of incarcerated parents hurdle through challenges, and if they have coping means to meet them, it makes them stronger and does not hinder them developmentally. However, if the challenges are…

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