Effects Of Obesity In Dogs And Cats

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The growing issue of obesity in dogs and cats Most communities in the United States do not have an exact data on the numbers of pet owned in each household, but the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), estimate that 144 to176 million pets are owned in the United States.1 There are various requirements and needs to consider when bringing a pet home, for instance, if the house is pet-friendly, the time it takes to train your pet, spaying and neutering, cleaning, taking them to the vet, and importantly and one the most neglected is their nutrition. Nutrition plays a key role in the development of many chronic diseases, the quality of life, and life expectative of our pets, therefore it is important for owners to properly understand …show more content…
Research studies in dogs and cats have revealed a numerous health consequences that are developed due to obesity, including the increase of respiratory health problems, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, pancreatitis, shortened lifespan, spinal and joint problems, and risk of death as a result of obesity.7-9 Dogs and cats of all breeds can become obese, but as mentioned before there are some breeds that are more likely to occur than others. Obesity in pets and in humans increases the risk of developing, diabetes, and hypertension, in addition there is a negative correlation between obesity and pulmonary and cardiovascular functions.7Although the impact of obesity in the respiratory system of dogs, is a subject that researcher have insufficient research to this day. In his research Bach, hypothesized that obesity in Retriever breeds causes mechanical dysfunction of the airways, thereby increasing resistance during both inspiration and expiration in the absence of hypoxemia and increasing the risk of developing respiratory health problems, most notably the development of tracheal collapse in small dogs, laryngeal paralysis and brachycephalic airway obstruction syndrome. Obesity not only have effects on the respiratory system but it can also have an affect the cardiovascular system. Obesity or overweight in pets can result in effects on cardiac rhythm and the increase of blood pressure, and plasma volume. The effect of obesity on hypertension is controversial in pets and is one of the subject that more research is needed to conclude the overall risk that it has on pets. (67). There is evidence suggesting obesity in pets increases the risk of developing pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is the most common disorder of the exocrine pancreas in dogs and cats. (8) To help the management of chronic pancreatitis, veterinarians recommend a highly involved dietary measures, while long-term

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