Effects Of Gun Control And The 2nd Amendment

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Gun control and 2nd Amendment in our society

Amy Brame
American Constitutional Law
Percy Pruitt
August 28, 2014

Amy Brame
Percy Pruitt
American Constitutional Law
26 August 2014

Gun Control and the 2nd Amendment in our society
One of the rights that have made America the land of the free is found in the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. The right to “Bear Arms”, which should never be infringed by any means necessary. Recently people have been looking on the internet, along with newspapers, and magazines talking about the recent shooting in the neighborhood of Ferguson, MO. The shooting of this young man has set fear in many people about their safety in this World. Since last year the number of shootings
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This in a way has been a very wise debate on the concern of making our decisions. With that being said should we have more gun control laws? With all this being said asks you who should we blame for this? And should we actually blame the parents, teachers, schools, governments, or even society? Physically there are a lot of different views on this issue. Although more gun control laws may fear that until stronger laws have been enforces that there will be more deaths. On another point of view people who are against more gun laws argue that the issue of guns is not the problem. Therein lays the people behind the guns that want to harm others. It’s been knowing knowledge that people’s attitudes toward violence are a major problem that people still today cannot get over. According to John R. Lott a professor at the University of Chicago Law School states that gun availability has never before been restricted as it is today. (Lott, A42). Furthermore, potential victims use guns more than two million times a year to stop violent crimes were there are people who obey the gun laws to lock away their …show more content…
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