Essay about Effects Of Gmo And Its Effects On The Enviroment

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Effects of GMO’s

Before the mid-ninties food was much fresher than it is now. It’s easy totell that our produce and what we eat has dramatically changed since. For example, a tomato sauce recipe always required carrots to mellow the acidity. Today, carrots are not needed because most tomatoes lack the natural acidity they once had. New technology and development has allowed alteration to organic substances to inhance and improve the food supply, however there is just enough research to prove that genetiaclly modified organism’s (GMO’s) will harshly effect the enviroment, human health and even the economy.

A genetically modified organism, or GMO, “is the result of a laboratory process of taking genes from one species and inserting them into another in an attempt to obtain a desired trait or characteristic, hence they are also known as transgenic organisms” (GMO, IRT). Genetically modifying causes several harmful effects towards the enviroment. According to research from UC Santa Cruz, all soy fields (basically all same plant now) require 3x as much "Roundup". Roundup is a herbicide that insects are now becoming resistant to. Specifically the BT gene that is inserted into corn and cotton has no effect towards insects (Enviro., GMO). We will not be seeing a decrease in harmfull herbicides because "the world’s largest supplier of genetically modified seed for crops is Monsanto, which happens to be one of the larger producers of pesticides and herbicides" (Enviro., GMO).…

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