Effects Of Fast Food On Children

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The Effects Of Fast food on Children
Fast food has completely taken over America. Fast food is consumed by people of all different regions, genders and ages. Fast food corporations are indeed targeting the children by making kids meals, kids menus, adding toys to the meals, playgrounds in the restaurants, television advertising and creating kids characters that are related to fast food to attract the children. Most importantly, the clear goal of the fast food corporation which is to “get kids to nag their parents and nag them well” (Schlosser 43). Therefore the amount of fast food consuming by children increase. According to a new report, 12% of the children’s calories come from fast food (Szabo). Fast food affect the children’s physical health
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As the child grow up, he stop eating the small kid’s meals, they start eating larger meals. Which contains higher levels of fat and sugars. Pediatrics found that children consumption of Fast food was related with obesity (Fleck). Children who consume fast food become infected by fat and sugar instead of fibers, milk, vegetables and fruits. A diet that contains massive amount of fat and sugar is addictive indeed, which promotes eating unhealthy food for longer time. Children who eat fast food are often less energetic and have less physical activity, which helps to increase the risk of obesity (Fleck). Fast food also cause high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke. (Fleck) Children become sick due to the fast food surrounding and drawing them. “A little less "I 'm Lovin ' It" could put a significant dent in the problem of childhood obesity” (Stobbe). Researchers shows that banning food advertisement from children television programs will reduce childhood obesity by 18% (Rabin). Fast food advertisement methodology of targeting children has enormous impact on obesity and other dangerous illnesses among …show more content…
Schlosser propose that congress should prevent soda and fast food companies from marketing unhealthy food at school. Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School teaches the children the effect of food on society. Children plant at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School magnificent garden vegetables such, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, beans, corn, broccoli, pumpkins, carrots, cucumbers, flowers and also fruit trees. As a result, Children learn to grew, tend and harvest healthy food. Children at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School be taught to prepare food, serve it and clean after wards (Wilson, Schlosser 250). This school delivers the concept of how to grow and prepare healthy food to children and teaches them how to apply it in actual

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