Effects Of Excessive Internet Use And The Sense Of Self-Esteem

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This study was conducted in order to determine that through excessive internet use, as well as the use of electronic communication, will cause individuals to have a lower sense of self-esteem. A lower sense of self-esteem will then hinder one’s ability to effectively interact with those in the social world and this lack of communication can possibly further a negative aspect toward ones sense of self-esteem. Studies have shown that through a variety of practices, including communication, emulate a concern with excessive internet use and its negative effects. Those who use the internet as well as electronic communication, including e-mail or instant messaging, are seen to be using these resources as an outlet for emotional support, as well as …show more content…
This can be due to the absences of a need for social interactions. With individuals given the opportunity to avoid physical interactions, they become dependent on the use of social media or electronic devices in order to communicate with others. Then, when placed in a social environment, they are unable to physically communicate with others due to the lack of previous experience in these kinds of situations. Also, due to excessive internet or electronic use, individuals become less motivated to try and encounter physical interactions. With these forms of communication being so quick and efficient, it causes individuals to rely heavily on this one outlet of communication. This reliance deters them from social interactions as well as the need for this type of interaction. It can be perceived that there is no need to communicate with strangers socially when they can continue to communicate with those they are more comfortable with or find comfort that they know personally. This form of electronic communication can also allow individuals certain opportunities that are not available in social interactions. Through electronic communication, individuals are given more time to collect their thoughts before responding to another individual or even resort to not responding at all. With social interactions, it can be difficult to come up with a response when there seems to not be enough time to collect ones thoughts. They cannot simply refuse to respond, without fear of seeming rude, while on the other hand, the individual may be fearful that what they say may not be perceived in the way they

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