Effects Of E Waste On Human Life Essay

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E-Waste impacts to human life

Nowadays, humans produce many kinds of wastes that pollute the environment. E-waste is one of the examples of rubish, which is really hard to decompost to keep the environment clean or indirect words it is not environmentaly friendly because it contains hazardous elements, which are harmful to the environment. E-waste is electronic wastes, that can be any obsolete or outdated machine or electronic gadget found in workplaces, homes and jeans pockets (Recycle Force, 2011). Recently, e-waste increases enormously around the world. According to Do Something (2009, p2) states that the discard of e-waste reached nearly 2.37 million tons in 2009, such as cell phones, TVs, computers, printers, and many other electronic devices. This indiciplinary report will discuss the impacts of e-waste to the environment, economy, and international relations.

Firstly, e-waste has huge impacts to the environment because it contains harmful elements. It is not only cause a short time effects but e-waste also damage the environment in a long period. Mostly, e-waste becomes dangerous because of inappropiate way to recycle them, which is usally happens in depeloving countries that do not have a proper recycle mechine. Approxcimetly, around 50 to 80 percent of e-waste in India, Pakistan, Vietnam and the Philippines are regularly destroying and burning, which causes bad emissions that harmful for human being and the earth (McAlliser, n.d., p2). Moreover, it cause many…

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