Effects Of Divorce On Children Essay

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Divorce Impacting Children

Students may act up in school but there are many reasons for that. Some students may be going through stuff at home. It may not seem like it is not doing anything to them but it really is affecting them. Even though parents may not realize this but divorce does impact children and has a long term effect that can affect them for life, because it has a big impact because divorce can cause stress and anxiety, cause bad relationships with parents, and it causes poor performance and behavior in school.
Divorce has a very big impact on children and it has a long term effect on them. Divorce causes a bad relationship with parents. A reason for this is, is because they will not know which parent to stay with. Researchers have said that one of the biggest problems that divorce imposes on children is the decision of whom they live with (“public.iastate.edu”). The analysis
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Divorce causes stress and anxiety because they feel sad and lonely, makes them want to consume alcohol and drugs, and causes mentality changes. Divorce causes bad relationships with parents because they will continue to argue all the time, fight with their parents often and run away. Lastly, divorce cause poor performance and behavior in school because they will always be in trouble, have bad grades and not be able to concentrate and will not know which parent to stay with. Divorce can also be a good thing though because children are resilient and get over things quicker because of this they will not care about home situations, divorce is a better solution and they are able to adapt more. In reality of all this, divorce is not a good thing for children to experience or go

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