Effects Of Divorce On Children And Children Essay

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You’re Gunna Be Okay
“You’re gunna be okay” My grandmother said as I was panicking over the chaos which had just ensued. I could not feel anything because my adrenaline was off the charts, but I knew it was bad just by my view from the porch. I looked at my feet and saw one shoe only on my left foot. I looked at everyone surrounding me, I heard screaming. Terrifying moments like this can leave a lasting impact on a person. This single day has scarred me for life.
This scarring incident left somewhere around 30 people injured and 2 killed. That is a low but serious number. What leaves a scar on most people? Divorce? Car Accidents? Illness? These are all common situations. 50% of children in North America have to deal with divorce. A staggering statistic considering the scarring effects it has on the children. Children with divorced parents will most likely be scarred by the immediate effects of the split. No more full family events, moving between both houses, and not seeing the mom and dad together. Similar to divorce, car wrecks have a scarring affect. Nearly 3,000 people die a day from car wrecks, while about 5.5 million happen annually. Serious wrecks can leave a lasting impact on a person, and nearly 5 million people is a staggering number, not only for the surviving victims, but the victims families. Illnesses like cancer can have the same effect as car accidents and divorce, if not worse. Each year 12.7 million people discover they have cancer, and even more scary 7.6…

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