Essay on Effects Of Depression On Human Lives

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Depression is on the increase, due to our fast-changing lifestyle

From last century, humans have been struggling with psychological issues either as a result of the things they deal with in their daily lives and in their environment or due to their natural behaviour. According to Setälä (2001) depression may be defined as a state of health in the mind in which a person persistently experiences sadness and the notion of giving up, which consequently interferes with their thinking ability, feelings, and general habits. If not paid attention to, depression may lead to serious consequences like committing suicide or permanent injuries. This paper will discuss in detail this mental condition and who can change lifestyles. Furthermore, I will answer the question: is the effect of behaviour on depression environmental or inherited, or it can be both? Finally, this essay will look at the unpredictable effects of depression on human lives.
Firstly, nature play role causing depression, a number of natural risk factors lead to depression and the majority are beyond a person’s control. One such risk factor is the history of depression in the person’s family, which may be a precursor to the development of depression in the individual (Fergusson & Lianne. Woodward, 2002). Patton, (2002) notes that a person who has a history of depression has a high chance of passing it on to his or her children. Anisman (2015) emphasise more by pointing out that 33% of the…

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