Effects Of Contact Sports

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sports-related skills, which leaves males at more of a risk to interrupt their growth. Males grow about two years longer than females do which puts them at more of a risk to injury (“The Young Athlete’s Body: Physical Development” 6). Also, young men, ages five to fourteen, are at a risk of injury and have a higher chance of growth and maturation level interruption more than anyone else due to the developing of muscle growth (“The Young Athlete’s Body: Physical Development” 6). The reason that women don’t stunt their growth as much is because their bodies have a tendency for their performance to reach a plateau around the time of their puberty and decline afterwards (“The Young Athlete’s Body: Physical Development” 4). Although many injuries …show more content…
Young athlete’s simply don’t have the knowledge or the understanding of how safety equipment is essential in order to keep them healthy and safe. The first step to contact sports is identifying the appropriate equipment, but making sure all participants are utilizing the equipment right is more important (“Using Proper Sports Equipment” 2). Children shouldn’t be held accountable for not having the right equipment on, this should be heavily relied upon parents and …show more content…
Contact sports allow children to get out of the house and relieve their stress of school, frustration, or what ever the problem is. Contact sports allow children to meet new people and make new friends. The sports give the children something to enjoy and compete over along with creating lots of self discipline. The contact teaches the children to be tough and allows the kids to learn how to work together. “Exercising by playing sports can be very beneficial to your health, but sometimes these benefits to your health are outweighed by negative things, such as an injury” (The 5 Most Common Sports Injuries” 3). Yes, contact sports have a positive side, but nothing is worth the risk of putting a child in danger of becoming injured, whether it is minor or very severe. There are just simply too many negative factors of contact sports in order to let children play the game.
Parents and coaches are putting children at serious risk of injuries every time they send them out to play a game, sometimes even their lives. Parents, coaches, and even children need to realize the risks of playing these games and ask themselves if it is worth it to put a child in this position. Due to the amount of injuries, stunting of growth, lack of equipment, and the amount of concussions, children shouldn’t be eligible to play contact sports until their body is

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