Effects Of Changing The Driving Age

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Change the Legal Driving Age It is being continually expressed by the older generations that we as teens are reckless, thoughtless, and dangerous drivers. That we are just causing more problems for our parents, pedestrians, and other drivers as well. We are destroying the meaning of ‘safe’ of in our towns with our accidents and problems. The solution the ‘adults’ have come up with is to possibly change the legal driving age to a higher age. To change it from sixteen to eighteen would be a completely plausible and intellectual solution. As a teenager myself, I have to completely disagree. Not only would changing the driving age cause more problems at college, it would cause significantly more problems the parents. And lets not forget who are …show more content…
Could you as a parent imagine having to literally drive your child everywhere they wanted to go for their entire high school career? Every early morning practice, every early bus trip, every late night sports trip, every day to school and back, any extra curricular activity at school, and lets not forget wanting to hang out with a friend, study dates, a real date, and anything of the sort. A parent would literally have to chauffeur their high school kid around all the time. And that 's not including any of the children they might have. Plus if a teen can 't drive until 18 then they can 't help with picking up younger siblings, going to the store, picking/dropping up anything else for the parents. All of that would be out the window, and it would cause a mass hysteria among several families, specifically for parents. Teenagers might be a pain, but we really are doing you a favor when we drive ourselves where we need to be, and help pick up or drop off things for the parents. Changing the legal driving age to eighteen rather than just leaving it sixteen would obviously be too much of a hassle for parents and guardians. Adults have too much to worry about as it is, they don 't need to be worrying about if they are going to pick there senior in high school up on time from school or not. This is why the driving age should not be

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