Effects Of Caffeine On Health Risks Worth The Rush Of Caffeine

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When looking into the benefits of caffeine, one also has to look at the cons of the so called benefit as well. Consuming caffeine is a great way to stop feeling fatigue but there are also many health risks that also arise when intaking caffeine. While caffeine has many benefits are health risks worth the rush of caffeine? Caffeine is one of those things that has been around for a very long time. If someone would say “caffeinated beverage,” no one would be confused because it is such a well-known substance. Caffeine’s reputation can be linked with the standard “busy person” based on its popular stereotype. Little do many know, caffeine is the “most widely consumed stimulant in the world and occurs naturally…”(“All About Caffeine”). Caffeine and other stimulants such as energy drinks, are considers drugs. Even though caffeine is considered a drug, it is made from plants and it alters the brain and body functions naturally. Knowing that, many people consume caffeine for the number one benefits, becoming more alert and energetic (“All About Caffeine”). The boost of energy caffeine gives also has its downside. When caffeine is taken in too frequently it can cause insomnia, create anxiety, and cause stomach issues. Regularly consuming caffeine can keep individuals awake, not permitting sleep. Consuming too large of amounts of caffeine can even cause anxiety. Many people who ingest caffeine, like coffee, often get stomach aches from production of stomach acid (“All About…

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