Effects Of Blue Light On Sleep Patterns Essay

1967 Words Nov 15th, 2016 8 Pages
For my research project, I investigated “To what extent does exposure to blue light in technology cause disruptions to the sleeping patterns of teenagers compared to elderly people?” as it interested me due to the large amounts of time many people I know currently spend in facing technology and the lack of sleep they receive consequently. Furthermore, I was also intrigued in investigating whether physical age can cause an impact to the effects of blue light on sleeping patterns. The primary research methods conducted involved the organisation and execution of an interview with a health professional and the creation of a survey within the local community. Additionally, a variety of secondary sources such as academic journals, videos and websites were reviewed and analysed. To answer my research question, the outcome was presented as a written report regarding the causes and correlation between exposure to blue light and disturbances to the sleeping pattern and it was discovered through the research that the impact of blue light is more prominent and significant in teenagers.
Word count: 150
To begin my research process, I first used online resources to conduct initial research and reading on the specific key words of the research question which was artificial blue light and sleeping patterns using the search engine Google Scholar. The main purpose of this initial research process was to provide me with an insight on the ease of accessibility of sources…

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