Effects Of Alcohol Abuse In The Workplace

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Register to read the introduction… 1) alcohol use and abuse causes problems and affects productivity. A major problem is in the safety issues it raises. Someone under the influence of alcohol or suffering from a hangover due to too much drinking the night before can quickly become a liability for not only themselves but for everyone in the workplace. For instance, I used to work in a unit of Military Police, called SFS in the Air Force, at the largest Air Force test installation. SFS troops are responsible for securing the installation, protecting the people, places, and equipment of the base and enforcing all applicable state and federal laws. Further, they carry loaded weapons in the performance of their duties. If they are under the influence or suffering from a hangover they jeopardize the security of the installation and the nation. Additionally, they endanger the lives of everyone they come in contact with, which can be hundreds of people a day. If they are not at their peak performance daily they could kill an innocent person, allow an assailant or terrorist to get away with a serious crime or lose their life due to their …show more content…
They range from individual to nationwide. Individually, if you allow alcohol to interfere with your performance at work you could lose your job. An employer wants productivity from its workers. If you cannot perform then they can and will find someone to replace you or look and see if your job is even beneficial to the company. If it is not then they may just fire you and not rehire anyone for your position. This would save the company quite a lot of money based on not only salary paid, but also other benefits such as health insurance. Additionally, depending on your job you could endanger not only your life but also the lives of your fellow co-workers. When you begin endangering the lives of others a company must act and act quickly to avoid even more losses through more reduced productivity and possibly from lawsuits from victims of your …show more content…
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