Fast Food Impact On Society

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Fast food commercials have a huge impact on our society. The food they advertise on TV has an impact on obesity and why most people are obese. They advertise so many deals on TV about food that makes it easier and cheaper than actually cooking a meal for a family. The consequences of eating fast food constantly can lead to obesity, health problems and death. Fast food commercials attract society to go out and get the food they just seen on TV ads. TV ads about fast food try and get everyone into buying their food. Some commercials that are seen are from McDonalds. They advertise their happy meal and include a toy if you buy the happy meal. That is mainly to attract kids and begging their parents into buying them food so they can get the toy. So kids grow up eating fast food a whole lot, as ads on TV …show more content…
What fast food ads do is make their meal look tasty so it can attract people instantly when the ad comes out on TV. So what that does is keep people coming back to their fast food restaurants frequently. When so much fast food I consumed it leads to problems and one of them is death. Fast food meals are full of grease which make it dangerous to keep on eating everyday which many people do that. So by seeing TV ads it attracts them even more and may even become addicted to eating that certain food every day if they really enjoyed it. Consuming it every day can lead to infections and so on. Also many restaurants that advertise their food on TV are not even sanitized place. So by going there gives you the risk of catching something from fast food places. “Each day in the United States, about 200,000 people are sickened by food borne pathogens. Of those who get sick, 900 are hospitalized, and 14 die annually.” Many do not take that into consideration and fast food ads still keep attracting people into their restaurants. With that being said it increases the chance of that person that recently goes into the fast food

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