Effectiveness Of Using The Self Helping Program From The Computer

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Depression is very common in America, while there is around 8 percent of Americans who suffers from it between 2009 and 2012. And in order to lower the cost of the therapy from the primary care doctor, there is increasing number of self-help computer program which is personalized and developed by physicians to help those patients. The patient can receive the healing program at home with one click and start immediately by logging into their computer. From most of the people, the self-helping program not only sounds efficient, but also cost-saving. In order to find out the effectiveness of using the self-helping program from the computer, in England, there had a team of researchers who came from the University of York, tried to conduct a randomized controlled trial with 691 depressed patients from 83 physician practices. They divided the patient into three different groups, one of them only received the therapy and care from the physician, and the other two received both the care from the physician as well as the CBT computer programs which including the "Beating the Blues" and “MoodGYM." And after four months , the participants who were using the computerized CBT programs showed no improvement in their depression level, some of them even suddenly gave up the therapy without four months since they felt so annoying to constantly log on to computer systems and talk with a robot without a normal conservation. In fact, the experience shows that the self-help computer…

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