Effective Teamwork And Communication Within A Healthcare Team

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It is important to have a collaboration of team work within any healthcare setting that you are working in. Individual needs can be complex and require an interdisciplinary and/or interprofessional team to work together to achieve optimum health for an individual you are caring for. At Healthcare and Rehabilitation Services we deal with many participants working with individuals in the home and in the community. A large amount of our patients have mental health and/or developmental disabilities and require or have a large team working together. An individual may have a case manager, guardian, home provider, PCP, neurologist, cardiologist, gastroenterologist, therapist and psychiatrist just to name a few. As you can see each patient can have a multidisciplinary level of members assigned to them. Evidenced based practice has shown effective teamwork and communication within a healthcare team can save lives, improve quality of patient care, enhance patient flow, improve communication, and increase satisfaction. It’s just not being a part of the team it’s also having the ability to be able to function effectively within the team by showing respect for each member, having and accepting open dialogue within the team and shared decision making. The Institute of Medicine recommends core values that members of team need to share in order to function effectively, some of those are honesty, discipline, creativity, humility and curiosity. Along with having valves each person…

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