Effective Study Skills and Academic Performance Essay

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Effective study skills are necessary for a college student to excel academically. The student must develop these skills in order to retain information learned in the present for their future benefit. Study skills can be a combination of several techniques, including time management, note-taking, self-testing, and test-wiseness, to name a few. There is no one best way to study, therefore, techniques can be tailored to the needs of the student to achieve the most optimal result. However, diagnostic testing is also available to assist students in assessing their weaknesses in their learning behaviors and study habits. Research has shown that effective study skills lead to improved academic performance. The habits that students
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To begin with, studying requires active involvement by students. Most lectures require listening and receiving of information with little room for processing and regurgitating. Study skills only become effective when a student is actively participating, analyzing, making inferences, and comprehending. Secondly, studying is personalized. Classroom learning is paced by the teacher’s speed and style and is guided by the needs and interaction of multiple students. Effective study skills are tailored to a student’s learning style and preference and should be paced according to a student’s ability to comprehend and apply the information. Finally, study skills require practice. While student’s get only one opportunity to learn a particular lesson in the classroom, effective studying thrives upon the premise that materials should be read and reread, homework should be done and redone, and notes should be written and remembered. Only when these factors are in place will the following techniques prove successful.

Four important strategies to enhance the productivity of study time include: note taking, reading textbook material, self-testing, and test-wiseness. Contrary to popular belief, preparation for an exam should not begin when the teacher announces the exam. The importance of note-taking is to highlight certain topics that will likely appear on a future test. Holding consistently to this thought, preparation for an exam should begin when

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