Essay on Effective Selection Procedures For Select The Best Employees

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The most important part of any company or organization is its people or employees. All of the decisions, the products, and the services of a company that are developed and delivered are all driven by the people that make up a firm. Having the right people in the right roles is critical to a firm’s success and they make the difference between the prosperity or the failure of an organization. How an employee performs their job is a major factor in determining the success of a firm. Job performance is primarily determined by the skills and abilities of an individual to do their job and the energy the employee is willing to offer the firm in order to perform the said job (Tafero, 2015). Additionally, through effective selection, the company can increase the probability that its new hires will have the necessary skills and knowledge to do the job they were hired for. This is why effective selection procedures to select the best employees are so crucial.
Effective Selection Process
In order to have an effective selection process, the organizations must have a strong understanding of the job and the traits that differentiate successful performance on the job (Clifford, 2015). This can be done be either conducting an internal analysis of the position or partner with an outside expert in the field that specializes in developing an employee selection system (Clifford, 2015). Once this has been done, the firm can begin the recruitment process by advertising the job in…

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