Effective Communication of Pepsi Co Essay

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Effective Communication Strategies of Pepsi Cola

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Executive Summery 3 Introduction 4 History 5 Effective Marketing and communication strategies of Pepsi 6 Media Commercials 6 Advantage of media commercials 6 Disadvantages of media commercials 7 Sponsorships 7 Advantages of Sponsorships 8 Disadvantages of Sponsorships 8 How to enhance the effectiveness of Sponsorship 8 Community Activities 8 Advantages of Community activities 9 Disadvantages of community activities 9 How to enhance the effectiveness of CSR projects 9 Product Diversification 10 Advantages of Product diversification 10 Disadvantages of product diversification 10 How to enhance the effectiveness of Product
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Pepsi Cola holds 1/3 of United States soft drink market and it is considered as the second largest soft drink company in the world.
To be a super successful company in the world, Organizations should possess the ability to attract and retain consumers loyal to their product. They should use effective marketing methods to communicate their brand value to their consumers. This will help the brand to survive in the dynamic world. Companies that don’t use effective communication strategies cannot last long in the modern complex market environment.
Pepsi is one company that has clearly identified the importance of the communication in the modern market. So they spend millions of dollars each year to market their brands to their consumers.
Pepsi Corporation mainly uses four types of marketing strategies to effectively communicate their brand value to their consumers. They are, Media Commercials, Sponsorships, Online promotions, Community activities and product diversification.
The content of this report includes a brief summery about Pepsi cola’s history and its operations, the main marketing strategies they use with examples, pros and cons that can be identified in each strategy, a cross comparison between the communication strategies of four well known drinks companies in the world and some recommended methods to improve the current marketing strategies in Pepsi corporation.


Pepsi cola was invented in year 1898 by a

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