Effective Communication Is At The Core Of Any Successful Business

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Effective communication is at the core of any successful business. It creates a sense of transparency in the organization. This allows trust to flow throughout employees at every echelon. It helps to spike increases in productivity and the flow of work becomes much smoother. When employees are in the dark about what is going on in a company they can become stressed and develop a sense of insecurity which results in a great deal of tension in the workplace. Effective communication allows for an organization’s employees to take a strong sense of pride in their work and for them to feel like an important part of the team. The United States Army’s Auditor General, Randall Exley, had this to say about communication in the workplace, "Whether it 's between peers, between supervisor and staff, or between auditor and client, communication is vital to our continued success and to reaching the next level of organizational performance and employee satisfaction," Exley says. "Improving our already very good communication is of paramount importance up, down, and across the organization (Skidmore-Williams, 2013)." Trust is a powerful force that builds loyalty, increases credibility and supports effective communications. It gives you the benefit of the doubt in situations where you want to be heard, understood and believed (Beslin, & Reddin, 2014). When corporations are going through changes and times of uncertainty it is important to have employees that have a great deal of trust. When…

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