Essay about Effective Communication And Effective Leadership

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Communication and leadership is nearly impossible without the other. The way you communicate is a basis for how efficient your communication skills are, which determine how effective your leadership qualities will be. You cannot be an effective leader without methodical communication. The best leaders are first-class communicators with clear and solid values of what they interpret, promotes their overall image. Superior communication skills and qualities encompasses many aspects that are essential in every area of life to be an effective leader, spiritually, professional or personally. The time has come to evaluate my communication style and self-reflection, what communication and effective leadership as a whole means to me, and my personal communication plan for successful completion of the Master of Health Administration program.

Communication and Effective Leadership
The key to becoming a skillful communicator is clear communication. There are two forms of communication, verbal and nonverbal, which can be expressed on both physical and virtual platforms. Nothing can ever replace the significance of face-to-face communication. Nevertheless, due to the growing demand of convenience and accessibility, it is not always feasible or economical.
The receiver, due to miscommunication, can easily misinterpret verbal and nonverbal communication styles, whether it was intentional or unintentional. There are pros and cons to communicating both physically and virtually…

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