Essay on Effective Communication and Collaboration in Team Settings

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Effective Communication and Collaboration in Team Settings

Working in an unfamiliar environment can be tough for one to fathom. Add individuals with different backgrounds, personalities, ethics and views to the recipe and the result can be either cataclysmal or a successful learning experience. A key resource to success in work and team relationships is the knowledge to recognize certain personality traits and learning specifics of other individuals. Only then can one acclimate to communicate effectively and collaborate to achieve a common goal. This paper will evaluate assessing three different personality temperaments and three different learning pathways. It will also discuss how people can work with and benefit from
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In this paper, three multiple intelligences (learning styles) will be discussed: Verbal-Linguistic, Bodily-Kinesthetic, and Interpersonal. The understanding and interpretation of such learning styles will help an instructor with teaching more effectively, a student with learning more sufficiently, and a team with assigning members tasks properly. People may believe that they are bonded to a certain group of learning abilities for the rest of their lives; however, maturity and life’s lessons will affect an individual’s style. According to Gardner, “ability in intelligences may develop or recede as your life changes” (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007, p. 39). In addition, “learning styles will differ among learners based on how they concentrate on, process, internalize, and recall content” (Seckel, 2007, Learning Styles, para. 2).


A verbal-linguistic learner will have analytical skills, be able to remember terms with ease, explain and teach others, and possess negotiating skills (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007, p. 43). This type of learner would be beneficial to a team environment in that he or she, much as an organizer, would be capable of communicating clearly and discussing ideas concisely. This learning style greatly benefits from note taking, teaching others to help expand his or her own understanding of a certain subject and other traditional school-based teachings.

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