Effect Of Stress On Students Essay example

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When students leave their homes and enter college, they are exposed to new conditions. As we transition from high school to college, we don’t expect the difference between the two to have as much impact in our academic life. College exposes students to new opportunities and expands our knowledge base while also introducing us to unexpected adversities. We realize the high demands, such as self-discipline and motivation, needed to pass our classes. However, we also discover obstacles that hinder our ability to do so resulting in elevated levels of stress. Stress occurs when high demands or difficult situations arise and the body attempts to adjust the body back to a homeostatic balance (Kumar 102). Stress can be caused by psychological stressors, such as negative situations, or physiological stressors, such as a physical effect on the body. With excessive stress from school work, students can lose their motivation to study and hinder their academic performance. Furthermore, stress can physically and emotionally impact students resulting in the likelihood of academic failure. In order to improve students’ physical and emotional well being to prevent poor academic performance, schools should allow therapy pets onto campus as a stress reliever.
Providing therapy pets as stress relievers to college students is a fairly new concept among universities. However, therapy pets has its benefits and can decrease students’ stress levels. Pet therapy is known as guided interaction ,by a…

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