Essay on Effect Of Media On Women

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Effect of Media on Women
The modernized generation has a notion of self-perfection that is often interpreted as the solution to the everlasting issue of self-perception, primarily in the young demographic. Media publicizes such endorsements that our fledgling population perceive to be as the only explanation for gratification. Irresponsible actions depicted by this group of people are results of negative publications from the media. Young women in particular do not obtain this dreadful pressure from the media but rather from the biased perceptions of their society. Mass media, acknowledged as an excellent tool for sources of information, is now redefining depression and promoting inclusiveness for young women. The society is also influencing women in today 's generation.
Depression, a mental disorder that enforces an individual to have a persistent feeling of sadness and/or loss of interest has been in our society for more than a millennia. This disorder heightens concern in our society, yet is overlooked by the media which is the predominant source of information that is referred to in today’s civilization. Despite depression being such a decisive issue in our rejuvenated generation, debates arise concerning the source of negativity for this affliction. The perception of young women being depressed by the marketing of media is distorted because of false advertisement from companies like Tumblr, a massive social media platform.
“Months ago Laura was part of one such…

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