Edward Scissorhands Opening Scene Analysis

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The scene is set in shadows. Opening credits in gothic fonts roll across the screen. An eerie entity such as a tree is introduced, its branches swaying precariously in the wind. This is how almost every Tim Burton movie begins. Known for his gothic style and use of cinematic techniques, Tim Burton is a very well known film director. Tim Burton’s uses low key lighting and close up angles in order to make the viewer doubt what they think to be true; this is important because Burton wants us to understand that things are not always as simple as they seem.
Burton, in Edward Scissorhands, uses low key lighting in order to add suspense and suspicion to the scene. For example, when Peg first enters Edward’s house, dark and looming on the hill,
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For example, when we are first introduced to Augustus Gloop, he is in what appears to be a meat shop. A man stands in the background, a link of sausages in hand. Augustus stands next to his mother, as he retells the story of how he discovered the 4th golden ticket. The camera zooms in on his face as he eats a bite of the chocolate bar. His face reads disgust as he realizes there was something off about this chocolate bar. He pulls a chewed up piece of the ticket out of his mouth and looks at the bar to see that he had won a golden ticket. Throughout this scene, Augustus had had chocolate smeared unattractively all over his mouth. Because of this scene, the viewer’s initial reaction is disgust towards Augustus. By doing this, Burton leads us to dislike the character before he’s even spoken. An example of a close up angle in Edward Scissorhands occurs during the ice angel scene. Kim sees what looks like snow, stops decorating the tree, and exits her living room to investigate. Curiosity lights her features as she slides open the screen door. She steps out into the ‘snow’ and notices the snow is only in certain places. As she rounds the end of her house, she sees that it is not snow, but Edward standing on a tall ladder, sculpting an angel out of ice. Mesmerized, she approaches the statue. Lifting her arms, she begins to happily dance around, a smile

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