Edward Rulloff The Veil Of Secrecy Removed Case Analysis

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Edward H. Rulloff The Veil of Secrecy Removed is a novel which describes the arduous life of aone of the most knowledgeable man in history, who also happens to be a so called ‘murderer’ endured. One of the most knowledgeable mans in history also encountered an arduous life. . E. H. Freeman describes the detailed life of Rulloff through his early life, court cases, and his relationships in chronological events. Chapter by chapter, Freeman reveals the truth about Rulloff and his murder, robbery, and family situation. Chapter by chapter, Freeman reveals the truth about Rulloff and his murder, robbery, and family situation as he was Rulloffs jailhouse confessor. Freeman was “one of the greatest English historians of this century.” Thus, in order …show more content…
An alarm was raised, however shortly after Rulloff returned and was arrested. Unfortunately, with no evidence of murder on Rulloffs hand, despite the thousands of dollars spent on searching the lake for possibly their bodies daughter and wife 's body, Rulloff remained innocent. The community was unhappy with him getting away with such a sick crime, thus they charged him with the abduction of his wife instead. For the next ten years Rulloff spent prison time educating himself with mutinousmultitudinous languages. He became so weak, not eating or sleeping just reading, that he could barely carry out his kitchen …show more content…
Rulloff: The Veil of Secrecy Removed, another key factor one may walk away with is being able to looking at the world through a whole new perspective. To simplify, the ways that Edward H. Rulloff was portrayed made him seem like a murdered at first. However, as the novel progressed the reader soon i understood the motives behind his actions. As a poor man who married a wealthy women, not out of love, was hated for by his in-laws. Not only that, but his wife seemed to be attracted more to her cousin than to Rulloff; thus the reason of Rulloff givingunintentionally lashing out on his wife, giving her a blow to the head, which leading to Harriet Schutte 's death. Mistreated his entire life due to his status quo, Rulloff studied science and language to feel almost condescending. Despite the way he was being treated, he knew he was far much more superiorintelligent than anyone with the amongamount of knowledge he carried. Overall, Rulloff was treated unfairly however, he knew he was far much more superior; thus one should not look down upon others because of their status quo.
MoreoverAll in all, this novel is appropriate for young adults and adults, as it provides some information with underlying meanings as well as some excerpts that are a bit difficult to decipher. Even though Edward H. Rulloff The Veil of Secrecy Removed is not the typical non fiction young adult fantasy book, it seems to capture the reader in a trance. As though as the novel continues,

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