Educational Philosophy Of Progressivism And Various Philosophies To Teaching Today's Students

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Philosophy Paper

Every student has a different approach to learning new things throughout their life. The different approaches each student takes is due to his or her understanding and the manner in which the new information is processed in his or her brain. As time passes, there has been more research on the element of philosophy and the various philosophies teachers use to teach their students. I personally believe in using the educational philosophy of progressivism to teach today’s students because this philosophy’s educational goal is to develop problem solving, decision making, and life skills amongst students using current and relatable topics. The foundation of teaching consists of the instructor having a well constructed approach
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The first rules is that there will be no assigned seating and every student is required to sit in a different seat every class meeting unless the student has a personal issue. This rule will develop the idea of exposure and communication skills. If all students are interacting with a different classmate every class, they are more likely to be comfortable working with different people who have different backgrounds in their occupations. The second rule is that there will be small group projects assigned to the students every week. These projects will consist of relating class material to the world and will have to follow the format of Deductive Reasoning. This form of reasoning “begins with a proposition called a major premise” which can be a principle or general idea. Then the major premise is followed by a “minor premise which is a fact or observation”. Deductive Reasoning is completed by stating a conclusion after your two premises (2011, pg. 153). A simplified example of this concept is as follows, the major premise is “cars are a fast form of transportation” and the minor premise is “it takes me 30 minutes to ride my bike to school, but it only takes 10 minutes whenever my parents drive me to school in their car”. The conclusion to this concept is “once I start driving a car to school, I will make it to school faster than riding a bike”. The third and final rule for the …show more content…
My presence in the classroom for these students will be different from a typical instructors, I will try my best to assist them developing in problem solving skills inside and outside the classroom by limiting my lecture times to being as short as possible and giving the students to have a more “hands on approach” with projects. The philosophy of progressivism requires the instructor to have a lot of communication with the student as an advisor and a person who the student references when they need assistance, instead of being an instructor that keeps on lecturing but does not give the students the time to apply their own learning

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