Essay on Educational Opportunity Programs For Students

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As a Student Affairs professional, the special population I wish to serve is Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) students. EOP students are students who have been identified as having the talent and ability to succeed in college, but have been placed at a disadvantage by financial and academic circumstances. Approximately 93 percent of EOP students have family incomes of less than $25,000 per year (Educational Opportunity Program, n.d.). Although colleges and universities are becoming increasingly diverse, there is a gap between ethnic minority students and majority students in the attainment of higher education degrees. Racial or ethnic minority students have a higher probability of leaving post- secondary education than their white counterpart students (Carter, 2006). I want to work with EOP students because the gap between underrepresented minority students and other groups is particularly detrimental as it affects individuals’ long-term social mobility. Racial and ethnic minority student departure continues to be a major concern for higher education researchers, policy makers, and practitioners (Carter, 2006).
It is not always easy for minority students to overcome obstacles in life. Extenuating circumstances that they have little to no control over can discourage them but, in many cases, turn out to be the stepping-stones that lead to their triumphant success. For that reason, I believe that persistence is one of the greatest qualities to possess. I came close to…

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