Education : The High Unemployment Rate Essay examples

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Education is something in LDC’s that aren’t funded enough and are too expensive to attend because of the high unemployment rate in the Congo. In tertiary school, 11% of men are enrolled compared to women coming in at 2 %. In tertiary schools, the gender parity index is .75. In secondary school, the enrollment ratio is 57 for men and 50 for women. Additionally on supplemental data, secondary enrollment in 1996 was 74 for females and 94 for men .Literate women as % of literate men 15-24 is 90% here. To see the gender gap scores in schools, we will compare data from 1985 and 1995. A score between 4 and 12 is seen as a “moderate gap” in countries and in 1985, Congo scored an 11 (quite high) and the gap narrowed to a 9 in 1995. From this data, the gender gap scores are closing and is a good sign for the country in terms of education. The dropout rate here is 29% and the gap between people attending primary school (109) dropped to 54 for secondary education. In terms of government spending levels, the % GDP spent on education has increased to 6.2% compared to 4.7 % in 2000! This alone shows that the government is focusing on real issues and is improving the education of its country and will continue to do improve like this in the future. It is evident that government has increased spending on education, but what about the environmental concerns in the Congo. Regarding access to safe water and sanitation, drinking water sources has improved by 76.5 % and sanitation has improved…

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